The top 5 reasons to purchase an automatic pool cover.

5. Aesthetics
Due to technological advances and thinking outside the box, swimming pool covers can now be designed to fit any shape pool and do it in a way that they are virtually hidden from view when retracted off the pool. You have spent a lot of time designing your backyard poolscape and you do not want an automatic cover to take away from its looks. Even when closed over the pool the cover fabric comes in a variety of colors so you can choose one that helps it blend into the surrounding poolscape.

4. Durability/Warranties
Automatic pool covers are good examples of you get what you pay for. They are made of high quality parts that include such things as high grade aluminum and stainless steel, state of the art electronics, high torque motors, long lasting cover fabric, and many other extremely durable materials and parts. Most manufacturers are confident enough in an automatic pool cover’s durability that they will back it up with some of the most outstanding warranties you will ever see on a product.

3. Ease of Use
The trouble with most swimming pool covers is they are cumbersome and take a long time to put on and take off the pool. It makes them inconvenient to use and you don’t get any benefits from an unused cover. An automatic pool cover is quite the opposite, it rolls on and off the pool automatically with the press of a button or turn of a key; it does not get any more convenient than that. It is this ease of use that makes them used significantly more than any other type of pool cover.

2. Savings
Savings are another great benefit of swimming pool automatic cover ownership. Not only does an automatic pool cover provide an isolation barrier for safety, it will also save you expenses on water, chemicals, and heating your swimming pool.

When the cover is on your pool it actually saves you water. Evaporation is one of the leading causes of water loss in a swimming pool. An automatic pool cover not only minimizes the effects of evaporation, but it actually goes a long way towards stopping the process of evaporation from even beginning since there is no air gap between the surface of the water and the cover. Government studies show that solid pool covers stop 75% or more of the water loss from evaporation. This can be a source of significant savings each year on water usage.

Also, since the chemically treated and balanced water is not evaporated away, it will save you significantly on the cost of chemicals for your swimming pool. Since the water is not replaced so often, new chemicals will not need to be replaced as often also.

If you heat your swimming pool, the effect of having an automatic pool cover is very dramatic and traps a significant amount of heat that would normally be lost. This can save you a tremendous amount of energy when it comes to maintaining the desired temperature in your pool. Think of it as the difference in warmth between sleeping with a blanket off or on in a cold room. A safety cover acts as a blanket over your pool to keep it warm.

The savings to the swimming pool owner who has an automatic safety cover on their pool, will actually save enough in water, heat, and chemicals to pay for the cover in as little as a few years.

1. Safety
Safety is the first and foremost reason to purchase an automatic pool cover. An automatic pool cover is the safest way to cover your swimming pool when it is closed and lying on the water. It is considered safe because an automatic pool cover actually forms an ‘isolation barrier’ when it is closed over the swimming pool; it seals off all the sides of the pool and significantly aids in the prevention of accidental drowning by children, non-swimmers, and pets. When purchasing an automatic pool cover be sure that it is certified to the ASTM F1346-91(2010) or later requirements, which are the standard performance specifications and labeling requirements for all safety covers for swimming pools, spas and hot tubs.

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